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Search Engine Optimization Seminars
The ultimate "How to Guide" for search engine optimization success

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It's 2017, do you know where your prospects are?
They're searching online. If they can't find you... they will find your competitors.

85% of all consumers looking for goods, services or information online start their investigation using a search engine

87% of referrals from search engines come from organic search results, NOT PAID SEARCH (source: Jupiter Research)


Can you afford not to optimize your site?

Master Search Engine Optimization Using the
SEO Winning Process™

At our SEO Seminars (backed by our 100% money-back guarantee) we'll teach you, step-by-step, how to optimize your web site to generate higher search engine rankings using our SEO Winning Process™.

This is the same time-tested process we use in our consulting business. Here is a partial list of clients for which we have provided consulting services over the last decade as we created our SEO Winning Process™:

A partial list of clients for which we have provided consulting services
as we developed the SEO Winning Process™

Our Approach To Training

At our SEO Seminar, we walk you through both strategy and tactical implementation by dividing the training into 3 components:

SEO Overview: This critical overview identifies the key elements of the search engine optimization process, and breaks them down into manageable stages

SEO Flowcharts: These flowcharts show you what needs to get done in each of the stages outlined in the SEO Overview.

SEO Checklists: Our checklists provide you with a detailed set of action items that guide you through the entire optimization process.


At the seminar, you'll learn how to:

  • Determine which SEO techniques are right for your specific type of site
  • Figure out the most important keywords and phrases for your website
  • Avoid the SEO mistakes that actually lower your organic rankings
  • Make your website architecture search engine-friendly
  • Select the SEO tools that are right for you
  • Get your entire team involved in the SEO process to generate maximum results
  • Measure the metrics that really matter and act on the results
  • Avoid becoming obsolete by staying on top of changing rules & algorithms
  • Take advantage of the search engine's local and shopping verticals
  • Implement an ongoing Marketing, PR and Content strategy around SEO

Want more information on what you'll learn at our SEO Classes?

Objective and Goals of our Seminar

We make sure all our attendees leave our SEO Seminar armed with the strategic process, tactics and techniques to immediately start changing your web sites search rankings.

At the conclusion of a full day of training, you will have a decade's worth of knowledge.

Binders full of presentations and back ground readings

Flowcharts and checklists

Tactics and tools... tips and techniques

CDs full of free and trial software

Resources to keep you up-to-date in this dynamic space


Search Engine Black Belt
SEO Seminar

100% money back guarantee


After you've gone though a full day of training, you will have a choice.

You can start dramatically improving your SEO results, armed with everything you've learned at the our SEO classes, plus your tote bag containing binders of the presentations and resource materials, your SEO Flowcharts and Checklists, your CDs packed with free and trial software, and much more.

Or you can return your materials and get all your money back. No questions asked.

We stand by this 100% money back guarantee because we're confident you'll see the value in what you learn - and appreciate the immense potential the SEO Winning Process™ presents for both your business and your own career.

A Decade in Development

The knowledge presented in our workshops comes from over a decade of real-world experience with media companies like CBS, Conde Nast, The Weather Channel and the Travel Channel with Financial organizations like MasterCard, Scudder, and Federated Investments.

And recently Revolution LLC, the new company led by AOL founder Steve Case.


A Track Record of Success

Now... no one can guarantee #1 ranking for every keyword you target. But the SEO Winning Process™ has been proven to generate dramatically higher search rankings, and a significant improvement in the quality of the traffic.

Just one example is Casio Sales and Service: over the last year they've seen a same month increase of over 110% in gross online sales and 116% in gross margin specifically as a result of improvements in their organic search rankings using our SEO Winning Process™.

Who Should Attend ?

- Online Marketers
- Marketing Executives
- Web Developers
- Product Managers and Brand Managers
- IT Programmers
- Small Business Owners
- Copywriters and Content Editors
- Business & Marketing Consultants
- PR Professionals

You do NOT need a technical background or be a programmer to benefit greatly from this SEO class. However, you should have a basic understanding of HTML.

If you have any questions about our SEO Classes,
or if you prefer to register via telephone, you can reach us toll free at

(800) 269-0600

What You'll Learn
View the seminars' agendas and course outlines. Get the big picture at our Search Marketing 101 seminar. Discover the SEO Winning Process™, a step-by-step guide to generating incremental, qualified web traffic.

Who Should Attend
Online marketers, product managers, web developers, and more: see what this seminar can do for you..

About the Instructor
Designed the SEO Winning Process™ based on 10+ years of Internet and search marketing experience

Custom On-site Training
We also provide custom training to meet your specific needs - on location at your organization.

Consulting Services
Find out more about SE Jones, our full-service Search Marketing firm offering SEO, PPC, user behavior analysis,web-metrics and more.

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